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Sunteck is proud to offer a variety of products for residential and commercial application. We provide innovative and intelligent products that help improve the look & value of your home as well as save you money and energy. Our products are made with quality in the USA. We do far more than just 'solar screens' and we invite you to take a look and see how we are changing the approach to door & window screens with our line of products.

See how Sunteck products provide immediate results in controlling ambient indoor temperatures and reduce energy costs. Below is just a quick explanation of our products. Click on the 'Read More' section to gain a more in-depth understanding of our product line.

Solar Screens

On a typical summer day, mid-day sunlight produces 230 BTU's (British Thermal Units). This can generate a lot of unwanted heat inside a home or building. Solar Screens can deflect up to 184 BTU's from entering through a window or door, blocking 80%-90% of energy caused by the sun. A single pane of insulated glass can deflect 11 BTU's.

The standard Solar screen also reduces sun glare and provides privacy. The fine acrylic polyester allows you to see out, but doesn't allow anyone to see in. The vinyl-coated polyester is super strong with a anti-fade finish that keeps it looking new for years to come. [Read More]

Pollen Screens

We are proud to offer Pollen and anti-allergen screens for use with doors, patio sliding doors and windows of just about any size. Our pollen screens use a tight weave and a proprietary coating that screens out micron-sized particles such as a pollen, hayseed, tree spore, flower pollen and much more. See how Pollen Screens are helping allergy sufferers and find out how they can reduce allergy symptoms. [Read More]

Screen Services

We are full service screen shop and can help repair, replace and service any type of screened door or window. From custom installation to upgrades, we can help you every step of the way. From repairing damaged screen doors, to offering a full line of replacement products we can help secure your home from unwanted bugs and pests. Our professional staff offers free consultation & estimates. [Read More]

Golf Course Screens

Ready to stop the golf balls? Sunteck is proud to offer Golf Course Screens that protect your windows from wayward golf balls from the nearby golf course. Our high quality Golf Course Screens are rated for high impact applications and could help save you time and hassle from regular impacts that occurr at your home. [Read More]

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